Texas Baptists Committed is dedicated to reaching people for Christ through local churches; promoting and defending historic Baptist principles; spreading an understanding of Baptist heritage and distinctives through education; and cooperating with the mission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and its related institutions.

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Baptist Beginnings: England & Amsterdam in the 17th Century
First Baptists in America: 17th Century
Baptists Fight for Religious Liberty in the New United States
Soul Competency/Soul Freedom
Texas Baptists Who Made a Difference

  • Founding of the Baptist Missionary Movement (1792)
  • First Baptist Convention in America (1814)
  • Founding of the Southern Baptist Convention (1845)
  • Seventy-Five Million Campaign (1919)
  • Youth Revival Movement (1944)
  • Bold Mission Thrust (1979)
  • Fundamentalist Takeover of the SBC (1979)
  • Founding of Texas Baptists Committed (1988)
  • Founding of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (1990)
  • New Baptist Covenant (2008)